Estate Planning

Estate Planning for Your Life.

 Options are good. Choose what estate plan documents you want and how much help you want from the attorney.  Our estate planning program puts you in charge by letting you choose the level of service and customization you want in your plan.

Online Estate Planning


This is usually the best choice if you are looking to "make it as easy as possible for my kids when I die."  Avoid probate, protect beneficiaries from creditors and even each other.



Make sure your property goes to the people you want to receive it.  Name a guardian for minor children.  Or create a pour-over will so that property can be managed by your trust.


Power of Attorney

Name someone to help you in the event you are unable to make financial decisions for yourself.  You can make it durable, or if you want to delay someone having that type of authority ask about our "springing" option.

Power of Attorney

Advanced Directive

No two couples are the same.  While married couples often agree on many aspects of their life and family, even the closest couples often disagree as to the level of medical care they want to receive.  Set up a document to express your medical care wishes so that your loved one doesn't have to worry whether they are "doing the right thing."

Advanced Directive

Funding Documents

Probably the most important part of a trust is making sure you properly fund the trust.  As you develop your estate plan, you will get the necessary documents and to make sure your trust is properly funded today...and get instructions to make sure it stays funded in the future.


Prices Based on Tiers of Service

Attorney Prepared - Trust package for a couple $1250, Will package for a couple  $725.00,

Attorney Reviewed- Trust package for couples $985.00, Will package for couples $575.00

Self-Prepared Trust package $775.00, Will package for couples $425.00

Packages include supporting documents and power of attorney and advanced directives

A La Carte --listed as the product only

 (ie trust only, will only, power of attorney only)  click on one of the links above for a la carte pricing specifics.  All prices subject to change.

Attorney Prepared

When you want the maximum level of customization, the opportunity to discuss your personal goals and desires with a professional, and have attorney involvement in each step of your estate planning process, choose Attorney Prepared.  This option gives you maximum flexibility as you can enter information online, set up an appointment online, or call and schedule an appointment and let our office do the rest.

Attorney Reviewed

Attorney Reviewed is a hybrid option.  It gives you the ability to answer questions online and then once the interview is completed, have the attorney review your documents.  Attorney time is limited to document review only.

Self Prepared

Self Prepared is for those DIYers.  You are leaving for Mexico soon and just want something in place as a backup insurance policy for the kids...we can help you with that.  You want something in place but don't want to spend a lot of money...we can help with that too.  If time or money are your biggest concerns, choose Self-Prepared. The attorney is not involved in this process, keeping your costs down.  


Our commitment is to have satisfied clients and customers.  If you choose a level of service and find you have questions and concerns, or maybe you just want an attorney to review the documents for your own peace of mind.  If you find that you maybe want more service than you previously selected, call or set up an appointment online and receive a credit of amounts paid towards the level of service you want.  

Why We Are a Better Fit For You

 What sets us apart from other online solutions? 

First, you have a local attorney that is accessible.  

Second, our estate plan packages come with the necessary supporting documents to properly set up the estate plan - no nickel and diming you with added expenses for a power of attorney, advanced directive, or funding documents, unless you choose to buy those a la cart, giving you maximum flexibility and choice in price.

Third, you can receive other supporting documents like a certificate of trust, burial instructions, and a summary with straightforward language explaining the different sections of your trust.